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Marketing Agency 101: Determining The Right Marketing KPIs

Jul 13, 2018

The amount of data that is available is astounding. And each and every second, that data grows at astronomical rates. For a marketing agency, this can either be seen as overwhelming or it can be seen as a welcome tool to unlocking the many mysteries of your clients' consumers. For the latter to occur, the agency needs to know what they want from the data - first, what they want to know and, second, what data they want in order to find the answer. This is where choosing the right key performance indicators, or KPIs, comes in. While any marketing professional knows that KPIs such as leads, acquisition cost, and sales revenue are a must, there are a handful of other key performance indicators that can take any marketing campaign to the next level. The following are the top marketing KPIs that every agency should be measuring in order to reach that next level.

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5 Dashboards EVERY Marketing Agency Needs to Have

Jun 13, 2018

As a marketing agency, you have a lot of data points, metrics, key performance indicators, and details to monitor and manage for your clients and for your own agency. It can get overwhelming and it’s a never ending job, that’s for sure. In today’s world, data is everything for a marketing agency. With more and more of the marketing and advertising today moving digital as we all transition from more of an outbound philosophy of marketing to more of an inbound practice, we are able to track, measure, optimize, and monetize more of our data every single day. That goes for your clients as well as your own agency.

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Measuring & Setting SMART Marketing Goals for Your Best Year Yet

Apr 18, 2018

How effective is your marketing strategy? That's a relatively straightforward question, but one the answer to which appears to elude the lion's share of marketers.   According to Hubspot, for example, an alarming 55% of B2B marketers in a recent survey confessed that they didn't know what content marketing "success or effectiveness" would look like. Only 32% said they had a "documented content marketing strategy," and just 28% hadn't even taken the time to construct an editorial mission statement. Those are alarming admissions, especially when you consider that those same marketers are spending about one of every three marketing dollars on content marketing. Think about that: thousands of businesses are spending massive amounts of money to do something the results of which they can't effectively assess.

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Email's Not Dead: Email Marketing Analytics to Monitor

Apr 16, 2018

We’ve all heard it a million times - “Email is dead, you should use [fill in the blank] instead.” The problem is that while our email inboxes may be more crowded than they have ever been, email marketing is still one of the most important and highest converting sources of marketing in the world. Just like any other form of marketing, it takes monitoring and optimization based on your email marketing analytics in order to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

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9 SEO Insights You Must Monitor For Search Success

Apr 10, 2018

Most businesses who engage in digital marketing have at least a fleeting familiarity with search engine optimization. If you want to successfully reach your audience online, a systematic effort to take advantage Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines is absolutely essential. Plenty of techniques exist to help you increase your rankings, optimize your website for keywords, and find keywords and phrases relevant to your target audience. You might have heard about keyword research, content marketing, link building, and on-page optimization. In reality, though, none of these tactics can be reliably successful if you don't know how to track their success.

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Transforming Your Business into a Data Driven Team

Apr 03, 2018

All throughout your business, you have to make dozens or even hundreds of decisions on a daily basis. How are the members of your different teams making those decisions? Ideally, you want them to be using data to shape those critical decisions every time there is a choice to be made. Rather than going after solutions arbitrarily, you can use data to help shape your interactions with your customers, creating more effective processes that will be more likely to help you reach your goals. In today’s analytical world, having a data driven team can be the difference between a thriving and growing business or watching your competition take over your industry.

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6 Marketing Analytics Best Practices

Mar 08, 2018

If you’re like most businesses, you’re engaged in several (if not many) different marketing campaigns at any one time and have a lot of data to sift through in order to determine which campaigns are successful, which were a failure, and most importantly – why and how that information can help you moving forward. While the analytics needs and interpretations for each business can differ significantly, utilizing some marketing analytics best practices will help you to better understand your data and, again, more importantly – act on it.

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The Most Important Landing Page Metrics

Mar 05, 2018

Landing pages are about one thing – conversions, but there is a lot that goes into a conversion. Do you know if your landing page is really being successful? Just looking at your conversion percentage may not be giving you the entire story. Maybe you’re attracting the wrong type of visitor. Maybe you got a big bump from an influencer share on social media. Or maybe all of your conversions are coming from past customers. There are many more landing page metrics to consider than just your conversion rate when it comes to understanding the effectiveness and success of your landing pages.

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Marketing Agency 101: What To Monitor In Your Own Data Dashboard

Feb 15, 2018

As a marketing agency, you’re likely laser focused on helping your clients to improve their keyword ranking, get engagement on their social media posts, create great content, improve click through rates, and prove return on investment. Just like any other business, it’s easy to forget about ourselves. We get so caught up working on revenue generating activities and putting out client fires that our own business, marketing, and growth gets thrown to the wayside.

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Advertising Dashboard: What Your Metrics Mean

Jan 09, 2018

Looking to ramp up your advertising game? Or, maybe you’re new to the space and are ready to test drive some ads. Our recommendation: keep your eye on the prize by setting goals ahead of time using an advertising dashboard. Metrics, in this instance, are key performance indicators (KPIs) that determine the success or failure of your advertising campaign. Of course, we’re aiming for success!

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