web analytics dashboard

Create comprehensive web analytics dashboards. Monitor organic traffic and website performance.

Web Analytics

Track your website performance. Combine your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data to monitor organic rankings and website metrics on one web analytics dashboard.

Cyfe Dash - web analytics

Data Sources: 

Cyfe Dash - web analytics

What’s the web analytics dashboard for?

The web analytics dashboard template blends your organic traffic and website metrics to create a clear picture of how your domains are performing. Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console data, understand the source of your traffic, keywords that drive new visitors from Google, demographic insights, onsite user behavior, technical website performance, content value, goal conversions metrics, and more.

Monitor the health of your traffic and website. Develop content strategies. Identify technical website improvement opportunities. Develop a target audience with informed widgets that surface where your audience is coming from and what they’re looking for. 

What does this dashboard achieve?

Key Metrics:

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