embedded analytics

With in-depth customization and a white label option, Embedded Analytics allows you the flexibility to share your data securely and on your terms.

Share and Visualize Metrics Anywhere

Visualizing your data just became more flexible. Instead of playing in our sandbox or re-directing clients to Cyfe, take your entire dashboard or one Cyfe widget and embed it where they already are. 

Highlight insights using embedded analytics
in portals or on website pages

Whether you want to focus on a specific KPI with a single widget or share the full story with a dashboard, it is easier than ever to share data exactly where you need to.

Bring client dashboards into your agency portal to keep them up to date

Drive sales and increase conversions by adding widgets to landing pages

Enhance your product pages or blog posts with dynamic, interactive analytics

Engage employees in business metrics by adding dashboards to internal admin pages

Deliver data in your SaaS application simply

Save time by embedding data into your application using Cyfe instead of building your own complicated reporting functionality. Keep your team focused on the core functionality you provide.

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