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Data has the power to uncover solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. We’re passionate about helping you leverage data to strengthen your nonprofit organization. Discover how you can use Cyfe to support your business.

We offer discounts for nonprofits

To make it easier for your nonprofit to harness the power of data visualization, we offer a nonprofit discount of 20% on our Cyfe plans. Apply today—and let’s do something great together.

Proof of nonprofit status

In order to determine your eligibility for a Cyfe discount, for US organizations, we’ll need proof of your nonprofit status. We require a copy of your 501(c)3 determination letter, a letter that is issued by the IRS that states an agency is a 501(c)3 organization. It’s the same letter you’d use when filing taxes with the federal government, and that was issued to your organization when you initially applied for nonprofit status and became a nonprofit.

If you are outside the US, we’ll need proof via an official form that proves government-recognized charitable status.

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If you have a copy of 501(c)3, you can upload it via the "Choose Files" button.

Success Stories:

Association for Better Living and Education - Roger Blasco

About Association for Better Living and Education – Roger Blasco: 

“Essentially we are the Association for Better Living and Education, we have within this Association 4 entities, Criminon (Criminal reform), Narconon (Drug Free withdrawal and rehab), The Way to Happiness (Common-sense Moral code teaching and implementation of) and Applied Scholastics a service giving continued education to teaches, parents and students.”

How Cyfe Helped us: