10 White Label Marketing Tools Digital Agencies Use To Drive Growth

A recent study by Bain & Company found that a 5% percent increase in customer retention can lead to a 75% increase in company profits. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to retain your agency clients — you just need to continually provide them more value.

One way agencies deliver more value and prove ROI without huge overhead is by using white label marketing tools.

In this guide, we’ll look at off-the-shelf digital tools you can white label and leverage to expand your services and scale up your agency.

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1. White Label Design Tool - Xtensio

Xtensio is a white label marketing tool for design
Xtensio offers business document design templates you can customize

Looking for a tool to create all your business development collateral without having to bill a designer internally or hire a freelancer to get your proposals done? With Xtensio, you can easily create sleek pitch decks, user personas, and other presentation documents.

Work off their proposal, sales sheet, and other templates to create your own sales collateral. Drag and drop to make any tweaks. Then, share with colleagues to collaborate on the final version or ping these documents over to clients.

2. White Label Reputation Management - Grade.us

grade.us is a white label marketing tool for reputation management
Grade.us is a white label reputation management solution
If you’re part of a digital marketing or local SEO agency, online reputation inevitably comes up with clients. Grade.us is a powerful platform used by agencies as a white label marketing tool for reputation management.

Give your clients a single space to manage their reputation and grow their reviews on Google, Facebook, and other third-party review websites. Grade.us’ white-label tool also can monitor reviews for Yelp and sites specific to industries including:

Use the Grade.us Review Management ROI Calculator to determine your agency’s potential profit margins and monthly recurring revenue.

Grade.us also offers white label pitch decks and educational resources to close new clients along with review management checklists to ensure your customers get the most value out of the reputation management tool.

3. White Label Video Creation Tool - Lumen5

Lumen5 generates video ideas from existing content

Create videos in minutes for clients or your agency’s social media initiatives using Lumen5.

Here’s how it works: Lumen5 reviews the text of any content via AI and generates the music and image suggestions to help you storyboard and publish videos onto any social network.

Whether you’re looking to test new social content for your clients or scale-up that service offering, Lumen5 can help.

4. White Label Invoicing & Payment Solution - Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja offers a white label invoice and payment service

A smooth payment experience can also be a marketing tool that encourages retention. Invoice Ninja offers free, unlimited invoices and quotes for up to 100 clients. Their white label service is $30 per year and lets you add your agency’s logo, brand colors, and adjust the overall style for invoices.

5. White Label SEO Reporting - AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs Rank Tracker offers white label SEO rankings reports

Show your SEO strategy is driving organic rankings. AuthorityLabs lets you white label SEO ranking reports.

Rank Tracker is their core daily reporting system used by Mint, Symantec, and other enterprise brands. Rank Tracker reports give you the most up to date, accurate ranking data. That way, clients can see:

  • The snippets acquired in SERPs
  • Their keywords ranking in relation to competitors 
  • How their pages rank for a given keyword in specific countries, cities, and zip codes

With this rank tracking data, you can also build out interactive, accurate reports in Google Data Studio.

Build a ranking report using AuthorityLabs Rank Tracker and Google Data Studio

6. White Label Landing Page Creator - Landingi

landingi is a white label marketing tool for landing pages
Landingi is a white lable marketing tool to create, manage, and optimize landing pages

As you know, if you’re building out ad campaigns, the ad creative is only half the battle. Your agency also needs to manage landing page design and optimization so you can own the landing page metrics. There are a variety of white label marketing tools for email but you can build out dozens of landing pages fast on behalf of your clients with Landingi.

Landingi’s white label agency plan includes:

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 30 custom domains
  • Custom templates you can save and share with clients
  • Priority support

7. White Label Project Management Tool - Notion

notion is a white label marketing tool for project management
Notion is a versatile project management tool

Make sure your ducks are in a row for every project across all your different clients using Notion. Create a database containing all the tasks associated with each client. Then assign tasks internally and stay on top of every deadline. As you’re developing briefs or gathering your customer’s feedback, you can add them to any task.

If you’re looking to get started faster, Notion provides templates you can duplicate to create your own briefs, content calendars, and more.

8. White Label Messaging Platform - SimpleTexting

simple texting is a white label tool for sms messaging
Simple Texting is a white label marketing tool for text messaging

SimpleTexting offers a white label solution for automating and running SMS campaigns. Their white label marketing tools let you:

  • Run trigger-based event messages and mass texting campaigns
  • Monitor account activities and run reports
  • Rebrand their platform as an offering you can price to your client
  • Manage email templates across sub-accounts

9. White Label Email Marketing Platform - ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign offers a white label marketing tool for email
ActiveCampaign offers a white label tool for email marketing

If email marketing is your agency’s bread and butter or a service you’re ready to roll out, ActiveCampaign offers their automation platform as a white label marketing tool.

Enterprise account holders ($229 per month) can: 

  • Create custom domains
  • Rebrand with their logo and colors 
  • Remove all references and links to ActiveCampaign

Each of these features let you provide a fully branded experience to your clients. ActiveCampaign also directly integrates with Cyfe so you can report email marketing results to your customers from our white label dashboards.

10. White Label Dashboards & Reporting - Cyfe

cyfe white label marketing tools for dashboards and reporting
Cyfe is a white label solution for dashboards and reporting

As far as white label marketing tools go, Cyfe brings together all your client’s data sources into a single spot where your customers can monitor their KPIs and quickly understand the results you’re driving through data visualizations.

Depending on the services your agency provides, you can build dashboards off Cyfe’s dashboard templates including:

  • Social media dashboards covering your client’s results on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Report at a campaign, ad group, or keyword level on key metrics like conversions, cost per conversion, and click-through rate with the Google Ads dashboard 
  • Website conversion rates, goals, page views, and other KPIs for your client’s website performance using the Google Analytics Dashboard
  • A dashboard for your own team’s internal use containing marketing agency KPIs
cyfe offers a white label facebook ads dashboard templates
Cyfe offers a variety of dashboard templates including Facebook Ads reporting

Cyfe’s white label solutions let you create an effective, branded experience with:

  • Branded reports including customized dashboard backgrounds and domain names
  • Embedded analytics so you can add key metrics to a client portal or any other existing reporting system 
  • Custom URLs that direct your client’s stakeholders to dashboards
  • Set benchmark metrics against your client’s business goals to stay on track and report growth

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Want to create a data dashboard for your business?
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