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4 Data Insights to Help You CRUSH Your Competition

Jan 04, 2018

As a small business, you’re looking for any opportunity to get a leg up on your competition, but most businesses fail to realize that your competitive advantage likely lies in your data insights. Every business has immeasurable amounts of data from sales, expenses, marketing, ecommerce, and even in-store statistics and POS sales data, but most of it is just collecting dust in a server somewhere or in your back office. Be honest, that sounds just like your business, doesn’t it?

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The History of the Evolution of Business Analytics

Dec 21, 2017

Imagine what measuring business analytics used to be like before online dashboards or even Excel spreadsheets. No, we’re not talking about the Dark Ages, but a mere few decades ago. With cross-departmental data collated on handwritten ledgers -- with heaps of room for human error and missteps -- the evolution of business analytics have had quite a (not so) technological journey until the last twenty years or so.

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Why Every Business Should Be Using a Competitor Dashboard

Dec 19, 2017

Imagine having competitor data instantly available to you in real-time. And not a mess of numbers either, but clean, colorful charts that point to immediately actionable metrics and suggestions? What if you could view, compare, and contrast multiple competitor data points simultaneously?

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Understanding Your Moz Analytics & SEO Insights

Dec 12, 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating and improving content in order to increase ranking and searchability for specific terms and keywords. The idea is that you want to be viewed as an authority by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing in your industry. They determine this by algorithms that index your content, knowledge, and external impact to determine how likely your website is to answer a question that someone is searching for. The more confident that the search engine is that you have the answer that is being looked for, the higher your website will rank for that search phrase. While this is a very simplistic view of search engine optimization, it’s really what it is all about. It’s all about the fight to get to page one of search results (where approximately 92% of clicks go).

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Marketing Agency 101: How Sharing a Data Dashboard with Your Client Can Increase Productivity

Nov 20, 2017

How much time do you and your staff spend pulling analytics, preparing client reports and then explaining what those metrics actually mean to your clients? Our guess is that it’s probably a substantial amount of your time. How great would it be to get some of that time back and be able to spend it actually working on your client’s marketing initiatives? Sounds pretty good, right?

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Beyond the Numbers: How to Turn Your Marketing Analytics Into Data Insights

Nov 16, 2017

Numbers are awesome. They make us sound slick in meetings and they look great in emails to decision-makers, but unless we know how to interpret the data and take action to improve it, we’re merely talking the talk, or jargon, as the case so often is in the world of marketing.

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11 Ways to Put Your Business Intelligence Analytics to Work Growing Your Company

Apr 18, 2017

On its best day business is fuzzy. If it were simply black and white, everyone would be crushing it. Instead, we do our best to make intelligent guesses that keep us moving forward, but the smartest among us use metrics and automation tools to help clear up the fuzziness allowing for informed, intelligent, data-driven, action...

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5 eCommerce Metrics You Need to Grow Your Business

Mar 20, 2017

The Pro of managing an ecommerce business: it’s entirely measureable! The Con of managing an ecommerce business: it’s entirely measurable (and those metrics need to be tracked and interpreted). Ugh… Ecommerce metrics, or KPI’s (key performance indicators), are legitimate game-changers provided you know which ones demand your focus. But before we get too far ahead...

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Marketing Agency 101: Proving Marketing ROI to Your Clients

Mar 09, 2017

One of the hardest things for any marketer or marketing agency to do is to prove their worth, or the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing campaigns. Sure, there are some generic metrics that some clients may be happy with, but what about those clients that have to justify their spend with you each...

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3 Financial Metrics Every Small Business Should Track

Mar 02, 2017

Small businesses need to find the edge over the competition wherever possible. A major element in that concept is tracking the right business metrics. There are several key indicators that help you decide when your business is due for growth, whether you have a bottleneck in your path to success, or if there is a...

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