Siloed Data is Killing Your Business Analytics

The number of applications used by the typical organization is staggering. At the small-business level, the average is 14.3. Not surprisingly, when we look at the enterprise-level that number jumps substantially … to just under 500. While most of your employees or team members would defend “their” apps as necessary or job-critical, our love of all things “app” presents a serious and counter-intuitive problem. The irony is that as a leader … the…

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How to Use a Competitor Dashboard to Destroy Your Competition

Competitors. They can be great teachers for those who are just starting out. They can be great role models for those wondering how much they can achieve. In general though, your goal is to beat the competition - or get as close to beating them as possible. It's not productive to visit their Twitter account daily to see if they've got new followers, or going to Alexa to monitor their daily rankings. Fortunately,…

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New PayPal, Compete, and Quantcast Dashboard Widgets

We are excited to announce the PayPal, Compete, and Quantcast widgets on Cyfe. Now you can monitor your PayPal balance and the latest transactions in real-time allowing you to spot problems before it's too late. In addition, the Compete and Quantcast widgets can help you track competitors by allowing you to monitor their website traffic. What are you waiting for? Log into Cyfe and check out these new widgets for yourself!

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