Use Embedded Analytics To Easily Share Data In More Places

You’ve worked hard to measure metrics that matter to your business, clients, employees, or customers. Many times these metrics come from a variety of data sources making it a challenge to present a complete picture of performance. Business intelligence tools, such as Cyfe, help you to pull your data into a single and shareable dashboard. Then, you can easily share a link to your dashboard via email, message board, or website.

But sometimes, you need to share your key metrics in real-time in a way that’s a bit more flexible for your organization. Meet your stakeholders where they’re at with the versatility of Embedded Analytics.

Cyfe’s Embedded Analytics is easy to use, does not require coding, and makes it possible to curate and embed data directly into software applications and websites. Using more than 100 available integrations, this iframe embed feature offers the flexibility needed to bring together multiple sources of data into a single display you can deliver to employees, stakeholders, partners, or customers via the applications they use every day. Now you can enhance team communication, web apps, portals, and websites with visual data, simply.

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Add Reporting In Your SaaS Product Without the Work

Enhance your SaaS offering with reporting your customers want or don’t even know they need yet without taking on the engineering task. Embed Cyfe instead.

Using Embedded Analytics, you can embed online review performance into your social media SaaS platform. Include financial data with your HR software. Build custom SQL widgets that report on your CRM. The Embedded Analytics feature is built to nest seamlessly into your proprietary software. Choose from 100+ integrations and 250+ metrics out of the box to help build your dashboard to display the data your customers need.

example of embedded analytics used to display performance data to a client via an agency portal

LinkTrust, an affiliate marketing platform, uses Embedded analytics via a Cyfe dashboard to display performance metrics in-app for campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Trends

As an independent software provider, you can use our white label offering without any interruption to the branded service you provide. Visualize key data in your app so that it’s easier to understand and track. Create reports to display and download. Show customers key metrics that empower daily decision-making to make your SaaS offering indispensable.

Tell A Client's Story With Visual Data To Earn More Business

You know that data can tell a powerful story, but how? Using Cyfe, you can create a visual display of carefully curated performance data into a single, easy-to-digest dashboard. Tell the story of underperforming channels to win clients. Use Embedded Analytics directly in your agency portal to show improvement over time, establish trust, and present clients with opportunities for additional wins. Sharing data transparently can lead to easy upsells for your agency.

Jemully Media is a digital media agency delivering social media campaign metrics to clients via an agency portal using Cyfe’s Embedded Analytics

With 250+ metrics included out of the box plus an available Zapier integration, bringing together data as unique as your client is simple. Social media highlights, campaign spending, and conversion rates can be displayed alongside email list subscribers and customer interests. Show your client what they are interested in to show them that you are an invaluable partner.

Embedded Analytics Lets You Share Data Anywhere

Knowledge doesn’t have to be siloed or gated behind yet another login. You can distill data into a single dashboard to share anywhere. Engage stakeholders, partners, and customers where they already are to build trust, support decision-making, and get recognition.

a cyfe dashboard showing business KPI's

Cyfe dashboards offer 100+ integrations and 250 available metrics out of the box so that you can create dreamy performance displays

For those that manage the performance of a channel, team, or department, you may need to share performance data out across your organization or with key stakeholders. Cyfe allows you to collect data from the tools you use into a single dashboard display. Dashboards are easy to share. Send a link or embed your dashboard in a shared space so that others in your organization can view KPI’s without logging in to any of the original data sources.

SMCo Thrift's sales data dashboard displays sales goals via TV Mode

SMCo Thrift uses Cyfe to display up-to-date sales data on monitors located in shared employee spaces

Sharing data outside of your organization can be difficult. Granting access, restricting data, and managing access over time can become a headache and a hazard. Cyfe allows read-only access of select data that can be shared without creating a log in. Sharing a dashboard using Embedded Analytics anchors your data in a shared application or website plus offers an additional layer of security.

Don’t limit data sharing to internal communication or partnerships. Give your data wings. Use data on your business website to influence customers. Create a dashboard to display product sales, Net Promoter Score, and satisfaction metrics to increase credibility with your customers.

Communicate Metrics That Matter To Employees In Apps They Use Everyday

One of the biggest benefits of embedded analytics is the ability to nest reports and data inside the applications that teams use the most. These applications are a great place to get eyes on important data. Whether you use an internal portal, a customer service platform, or sales software, embedded analytics decreases friction for easier data discovery and faster data delivery.

For businesses that manage an internal portal, Embedded Analytics can display what matters to your employees. Share percent to goal progress, sales performance, traffic to your brand website, or customer satisfaction data. Add social integrations, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, to surface follower counts and interactions with your brand.

Conversion funnel and lead sources are displayed in and employee portal amongst company announcements and other helpful documents using Embedded Analytics

Strengthen awareness of sales efforts within a team or across an entire organization with a powerful display of traffic, leads, and closed sales. Use Salesforce? We have an integration for that. Dashboards serve as visual motivation for individual contributors and teams.

Make sales data visually engaging using a Cyfe dashboard. Embed your dashboard into the apps your teams use most.

Pull important metrics together into a single dashboard embedded into the apps your employees use everyday to eliminate the need for users to switch between applications. With regular exposure to business metrics that matter, employee awareness and adoption of data increases. More informed employees make better business decisions.

How To Get Started With Embedded Analytics

Deliver data to customers, clients, and employees in the apps they use everyday using Embedded Analytics. Improve SaaS platforms, portals, and websites with visual data dashboards using minimal effort.

It’s easy to get started. Embedded Analytics is available to all paid Cyfe plans. First, build your dashboard from over 100 integrations, including 250+ metrics. Then, follow four easy steps to embed your data where you need it most. Your wow moment is just steps away.

User Guide: Embedded Analytics

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