Zapier Integration: The Easy Guide for Cyfe Users

Zapier integration

If you want to speed up data collection and save time reporting, then you must understand and use Zapier with your Cyfe account. 

Zapier is an easy online automation tool, but it can be challenging to know the best apps to connect to. 

But don’t let that discourage you. Zapier is really simple to set up, and we’ve put together a list of the top Zaps you can use with Cyfe today. 

Here’s everything you’ll learn in this guide:

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that connects thousands of web apps, such as WooCommerce, CallRail, Slack, and more. If you have an app to connect to your Cyfe dashboard, and Cyfe doesn’t currently support it, you can use Zapier to send data between them without any coding or developers. 

Building a workflow takes just a few clicks, so that you can get started right away. 

Three terms you should know before moving forward:

  1. Zap. A Zap is a workflow between your apps. For example, you could have a Zap that updates new orders from WooCommerce to a clients data dashboard. Zaps are made up of a trigger and one or more actions.
  2. Trigger. A trigger is the event that starts a Zap. 
  3. Action. An action is the event that completes that Zap. 

How Zapier integrations work with Cyfe

Whether you’re new to Zapier or using it for the first time with Cyfe, let’s walk through how you’d create a Zap. 

Say you want to send WooCommerce data to an eCommerce dashboard in your Cyfe account. 

Here’s what the set up looks like:

woocommerce cyfe zapier integration

After you sign in to your WooCommerce account, edit the Push Value in Cyfe box. You’ll notice the following form.

cyfe zapier configuration

The difference when using Zapier and Cyfe is pulling the API endpoint for your widget. To get this URL:

  1. Log into your Cyfe account.
  2. Click Add Widget in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Type Push API in the search bar.
  4. Add Push API widget, then click Configure Widget.
  5. Copy URL in the API Endpoint box. 

Add that URL to the API Endpoint box in your Zap. Adjust the name, metric value, color, type, and connotation. 

Once you fill out in the form, which takes five minutes tops, turn on the Zap, and that’s it. Zapier will start sending data from the app to your Cyfe dashboard. 

Curious what apps Zapier works with? There are thousands to search through, or try out these popular Zaps today to get started. 

Top 9 Cyfe + Zapier integrations

Here are the top Cyfe and Zapier use cases you can get started with today.

1. Track the number of new CallRail phone calls over time

CallRail tracks phone calls for your marketing campaigns, but if you want to track call volume in an easy-to-understand graph, connect CallRail to Cyfe. With Zapier, you can automatically send new calls to your Cyfe dashboard each time you get a new call.

callrail zapier integration

Want to connect CallRail to Cyfe? Get started now with this template.

Other popular metrics you can track when connecting CallRail to Cyfe are:

  • Phones call completed
  • New company created
  • Form captured
  • Session tracker created
  • SMS received
  • Phone call marketing as spam
  • SMS sent

2. Track number of new HubSpot contacts over time

Want to build out your database with sales leads? Connect Cyfe with HubSpot to track when a new contact is added to your HubSpot database. Determine what campaigns are working and which aren’t, so you can make smarter business decisions for client’s. 

hubspot zapier integration

Want to connect HubSpot and Cyfe? Use this free template.

 Other popular metrics you can track using HubSpot and Cyfe are:

  • New Deal
  • Email subscriptions timeline
  • New Form submission
  • New engagement
  • New calendar task
  • Contact recently updated or created

3. Track new Freshdesk tickets

If you want to make customer support more efficient, you must keep track of new tickets over time. Connect Freshdesk to Cyfe using Zapier to automatically update your dashboard each time a new ticket is created in Freshdesk.

freshdesk zapier integration

Want to connect FreshDesk and Cyfe? Use this free template.

Other popular metrics you can track connecting Freshbooks and Cyfe are:

  • New contact
  • Update ticket
  • Update contact

4. Track New Backups in DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is a simple, fast, and scalable SSD cloud virtual server that you can deploy in seconds. If your company stores a lot of data, you can see when new backups are created. 

digital ocean zapier integration

Want to connect DigitalOcean and Cyfe? Get started now.

Other popular metrics you can track with DigitalOcean and Cyfe are:

  • New snapshot
  • New droplet
  • New SSH key

5. Update values in Cyfe on new orders on WooCommerce

Want to know how your WooCommerce orders are coming long? Whether you’re tracking their count or value, use the WooCommerce integration to help. Whenever you have a new order, Zapier will send the updated value to your Cyfe dashboard.

woocommerce cyfe zapier integration

Connect WooCommerce and Cyfe now with this template. It’s free to create your Zap. 

Other eCommerce metrics you can track using WooCommerce and Cyfe are:

  • Coupon events (created, updated, deleted, etc.)
  • Product events
  • Customer events
  • Order events
  • Subscription events

6. Add new Pipedrive deals to Cyfe

Do you use Pipedrive to speed up your sales pipeline and be more efficient? Connect Pipedrive to Cyfe to track long-term dealings and more. Whenever you receive a new deal in Pipedrive, this Zap will update the value in your Cyfe dashboard. 

pipedrive zapier integration

Want to connect Pipedrive with Cyfe? Use this free template.

 Other popular metrics you can track connecting Pipedrive and Cyfe are:  

  • New activity
  • New person
  • Updated deal stage
  • Organization matching filter
  • Person matching filter
  • Deal matching filter

7. Track new Magento orders over time

Monitor new orders from your eCommerce store and understand your business growth by connecting Magento to Cyfe. When you use this Zap, you can push a value to Cyfe each time you receive a new Magento order, and more. 

magento zapier integration

Connect Magento to your Cyfe account with this free Zap template

Other metrics you can track from your Magento store are: 

  • New sales order shipment
  • New credit memo
  • New customer
  • New sales order invoice

8. Track new ActiveCampaign contacts over time

Stay updated on your marketing campaigns by using the ActiveCampaign Cyfe integration. Once activated, you can keep track of new contacts and more all in one place. 

activecampaign zapier integration

Connect ActiveCampaign to Cyfe with this free Zap template.

Other popular metrics you can track using ActiveCampaign and Cyfe are:

  • New campaign link click
  • New deal note
  • New campaign opens
  • New campaign unsubscribe
  • New deal task

9. Track new form submissions on Gravity Forms

If you want to keep track of your Gravity Forms activity, you can set up an integration with Cyfe through Zapier. This Zap will push each form and survey submission you get on Gravity Forms to a Cyfe dashboard so you can monitor sign-up trends. 

Connect Gravity Forms and Cyfe with this free template.

How to Use Push by Zapier

Push by Zapier is a Google Chrome extension that lets you perform Zaps from anywhere on the internet. 

Need to log work time, add a phone number to your contact list, create a document, save a website, start a timer or run any other tedious task fast? Push by Zapier is the quickest way to do them and hundreds of other tasks you want. 

It works in three steps:

  1. Install Zapier’s Chrome extension.

2. Sign in to your Zapier account

  1. Click Make a Push Zap!

4. Build the Zap to automate the task you want.


5. Click the button in the Zapier Chrome extension whenever you want to run the workflow.


For more help on how to use Push by Zapier, read this help doc by Zapier.

Final thoughts

Using Zapier with Cyfe isn’t complicated. You just need to figure out what metrics to monitor, grab the API endpoint when creating a widget, and fill out the necessary information to build the Zap. Once you turn a Zap one, it handles all your tedious tasks in reporting, so you can focus on more meaningful work in your business. 

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