How to Track Multiple Websites on an Analytics Dashboard

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is managing their web properties, keeping track of everything that’s happening on these properties, and analyzing their efficacy based on multiple metrics. Businesses need to keep a close eye on their social media activities, monitor AdSense performance, track the latest acquired backlinks, and a whole lot more.

This, as you very well can imagine, is one of the more difficult tasks handled by businesses, or to put it specifically, digital marketers.

Things can come to a head if you want to keep track of multiple Google Analytics accounts, and report on the performances of these sites based on diverse metrics. In the absence of a tool that offers you a single dashboard to take charge of all social media analytics, marketing sales and support, this will be a task made in hell.

The Answer Lies in an All-in-One Business Dashboard

In Cyfe, you have a tool that amongst other things, allows you to monitor multiple Google Analytics accounts from a single dashboard. You can compare data from multiple sites in one location! This is a critical functionality, especially in cases where you are managing multiple websites for multiple clients. A single dashboard offers you a convenient way of reviewing your data.

You might point your finger at Google Analytics and say, “Why shouldn’t I use dashboards within Google Analytics for this purpose?” A pertinent question, but if you are using Google Analytics dashboards, you’ll have to switch back and forth between web properties and accounts to look at different metrics and make sense of them. Then you may want to compare that data against other data stored on your computer (e.g. in Excel). And then against your social media accounts. And so forth. This will take up a lot of time, get frustrating and won’t be feasible after a certain point.

This is where Cyfe enters the picture.

With the Google Analytics integration in Cyfe you can pull over 100 different metrics for your websites. All you need to do is create different widgets for the metrics you want more information about, and Cyfe will automatically obtain this data from Google Analytics and display it on the dashboard. Be it audience, content, traffic or mobile devices data, Cyfe has a plethora of metrics available that give you a wealth of information about your sites.

Once these widgets are configured, you’ll be able to view data from multiple websites all at once from a single dashboard. More importantly, you can pick and choose the specific metrics that are important for your business.

The point of this exercise is to save time and make things simpler for users who manage multiple websites.

While ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Time Saving’ are huge benefits in themselves, there are other far more tangible benefits of using a web analytics dashboard to track multiple websites:

  • Improved Performance Analysis

    The web analytics data you can view for multiple sites on the Cyfe dashboard gives you comparative insights. By pitting one website metric against another, you can get a better idea of where things stand. You can answer questions like why one client’s website receives 84% of its traffic from search while another manages just 50%. You can answer this by taking a closer look at the web analytics of both sites side-by-side. This helps you identify and trace irregularities, and take corrective action. By comparing the performance indicators of two websites, you know what you’re doing right and where you are going wrong.

  • Faster Decision Making

    Web analytics help businesses gain a competitive advantage because they facilitate evidence based decision making. Using a single command center to track multiple websites gives you a holistic view of how your business is performing under one roof. This provides a better understanding of which specific business operations need to be optimized or curtailed such as digital marketing campaigns and search engine optimization. You can make better, more accurate decisions by drawing deeper insights from successful performance metrics, and incorporating them into sites that are showing poor performance.

Wrapping It Up

Business intelligence is all about using data to find actionable insights that can help grow your business. The different Google Analytics metrics available to you in Cyfe will help you do just that with all your website properties. Our goal is to help you make better business decisions and save a ton of time by bringing all your business performance data under one roof and not having to log into multiple services everyday. You can connect your websites, blogs, social media accounts, and so much more to your Cyfe dashboards. To create your own analytics dashboard, sign up for Cyfe today!

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