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Monitor all of your social media analytics including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn from one single social media dashboard. 

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What is a social media dashboard for?

Cyfe makes it quick and easy to automate your social media performance reporting. Provide precise measurement on all the social media management statistics that matter. Monitor your top performing messages, media, and posts. Track all of your social media analytics with our free dashboards.

View trends across your social media KPIs. Track your Facebook likes, comments, and reach. Monitor tweets, Twitter followers, and favorites. Observe LinkedIn followers, interactions, and impressions. Focus on Instagram photos and followers. 

Now you can easily show clients, colleagues, managers, and your team how your social media management performance is impacting your brand and organization. Save time on reporting, give your colleagues social media analytics access, and make your job easier. All the channels in one place, on one social media dashboard.

What does this dashboard achieve?

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