Using Great Content to Increase Social Media Engagement

Businesses know in today’s world that it’s very important to have a social media presence, especially if you’re a small to mid-sized company or a start-up. Developing a solid social reputation is the key not only to growth but also the key to lower your advertising spending and to ultimately tap into social and mobile markets.

One of the best ways for any company to improve its social reputation is to increase its engagement metrics. Engagement is vital on your quest for social brand recognition. Not only is engagement about actions users take toward an end goal, but it’s about the back-and-forth dialogue between company and customer. It’s about developing loyal followers and customers who cling to your brand out of desire and not only necessity.

And no matter how it’s sliced, increasing your engagement requires you to increase the quality of the content you’re releasing.

Why Great Content Improves Engagement

When advertising on Facebook, the quality of the content you’re putting out there is going to tell people what type of company you’re operating. Your brand doesn’t always communicate with a literal voice; most of the time it conveys a message to the user through the material you’re posting on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. And in order to have people actually take the time to give you a second look, much less to engage with you, your quality has to be superb.

Remember, engagement in a social context goes well beyond someone clicking on a link. While that is certainly part of it, you’re also looking to have people share your material with their friends, to opt into your network via a new app, or to follow your Facebook page or Twitter feed as they would a blog they like. Obviously, quality posting begets more engagement.

Check out some quick, simple and effective tips on how to increase your engagement strictly by increasing the quality of the material you’re posting via your social networks.

Tips for Creating Better Content

  • Think of Your Niche: “Quality,” in any context dealing with business advertising, means that you better aim your material at your intended audience. Something you post on Facebook, for example, can’t be a scatter-shot-style crowd-pleaser; it has to play to the niche you’re targeting and stand as something useful for that audience if you’re hoping to earn engagement from it.
  • Solve a Direct Problem: Actually being helpful with your content is a great way to up your quality and ultimately your engagement. If your latest post addresses the actual issues people in your niche are dealing with, then you become an authority on the subject and earn more credibility.
  • Entertain Regularly: Any Internet marketing plan has to entertain on some level, but that’s especially true with social content. There are a wide range of different formats you can use to entertain without sacrificing quality, such as posting video clips, custom photos and infographics, and even shared material that you got from other sources or other members.

The most important tip to use when focusing on quality is simply to take your time when posting. Look over the material you’re about to release and ask yourself if it fits your brand’s image. Don’t be hasty; push for a higher standard with your brand.

Article written by: Craig Robinson, an online writer for Qwaya, a Facebook ad campaign tool. He loves to write different topics about social media tips and strategies. Besides writing, he also enjoys engaging with different communities and social forums.

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