DRIVE® Case Study

How Drive® increased average customer spend by 89% with Cyfe dashboards

DRIVE® Case Study with Cyfe
Key results

The primary value centered around improved client communication and support.

The challenge

For Phillip Marzouk, DRIVE®’s Marketing Agency Director, one of the major problems he was facing was communicating those wins to clients. He was looking for a way to highlight that DRIVE® was directly responsible for the new business and increase in sales.

Ever since DRIVE® first started offering web development services, reporting and proving their ongoing value to their clients was a challenge.

“We would send automated reports out of Google Analytics and the customers didn’t understand it,” says Phillip.

The solution
The Cyfe dashboard was an ideal solution for Phillip’s reporting problems. It connected all of the different data sources that DRIVE® and their clients were already using.

“The most attractive feature of Cyfe was the sheer number of platforms that the dashboard could link up with easily. Most other tools required hours of manual work to pull in the right data accurately. It’s not sustainable or scalable. They couldn’t connect automatically. For a team with minimal developer resources, you can’t depend on connecting to APIs.”

Cyfe connects to everything, and for any custom data, the platform connects to Google Sheets or lets you upload spreadsheets so they can push the data they need.

“When you’re making 400+ dashboards, you simply make a few clicks and it is all connected. Spending minutes per dashboard instead of hours per dashboard. Otherwise, we’d still be building out our clients’ dashboard right now. “

The business’s concern about the quality and efficiency of communication has completely changed with Phillip’s investment in reporting. Improving client communication was the result of better access to data. Poor reporting resulted in customers not knowing what they were getting for the money they were spending. 


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