More Than A Data Dashboard: Introducing Social Media Publishing

More Than A Data Dashboard Introducing Social Media Publishing

More Than A Data Dashboard Introducing Social Media Publishing

As the world has continued to evolve and our understanding of the importance of social media has evolved, we have all become increasingly aware of the need to be active and consistent on each of our social media profiles. After all, that is where you and your consumers are likely spending a good portion of your day!

Remember the days when social media was referred to as a fad? We all look back at that now and chuckle because social media has not only become a huge part of our day to day lives, but also a pivotal and irreplaceable tactic in our digital marketing arsenal. Simply put, if you are not on social media for your business, you are missing the boat.

Up until now, you have likely used your Cyfe data dashboard to monitor your social media analytics such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers, Pinterest followers as well as metrics such as impressions, reach, ads, favorites, and clicks. Then you have had to interpret that data, correlate it to the content that you have published to each of your networks, and then take that data to another software to publish new content in hopes of capitalizing on what the data told you. That is so many steps!

Well, we agreed and we have cut out the need for an additional publishing software! Bye bye middle man!

Introducing the Cyfe Publisher to your data dashboard!

Now, within a single dashboard, you can track your social media marketing metrics and effectiveness, publish new content immediately, and even schedule content to post at a later date! Your social media data dashboard just took a giant leap forward! Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that we have received recently about the all new Cyfe Publisher and how you can best utilize this new tool.

Which networks can I use the Cyfe Publisher to post to?

Right now, the Cyfe Publisher supports posting to Facebook personal profiles, Facebook business pages, Twitter, LinkedIn personal profiles, LinkedIn business pages, and Pinterest.

As with every single widget on our platform, we are always looking for ways to improve our Cyfe Publisher and we are working on adding additional social networks in the very near future to this new tool.

Which network would you like to see added to the Cyfe Publisher next? Let us know in the comments below! We value your feedback!

Can I schedule posts on each network?

Within the Cyfe Publisher, you can schedule posts down to the minute, even months in advance, on all four networks and even for personal and business pages.

We have all been there – we get busy within our businesses and forget to post to our social media pages for days, even weeks or month at a time. That is no way to stay consistent, engage your following, or grow your business. Now, right inside the dashboard that you are already in each day, you can schedule out weeks or months of content at once so you never have to worry about forgetting to post again.

PRO TIP: Life happens. We’ve all got fires to put out at work and those fires can easily pull our attention from things like our social media marketing. We recommend scheduling at least two weeks in advance and keeping up on that schedule to avoid going silent on social media and to give yourself a little leeway in case something  comes up that has to have your full attention.

How do I set up my social media accounts in the Cyfe Publisher?

Setting up your Cyfe Publisher is as simple as setting up any other widget in your dashboard.

Click the Add Widget button and under the ::FEATURED:: or Social Media sections, select Publisher. As usual, from there you will select Configure Widget. Next you will simply connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and / or Pinterest accounts.

PRO TIP: When connecting your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, you will want to connect your personal profile. Once your personal profile is connected, you will also have access to all of the business pages that your personal profile manages. No need to connect all your business pages separately!

Once they are connected, you are ready to start posting!

How do I use the Cyfe Publisher?

Now that your accounts are all setup and configured, it’s time to start pumping out some great content. To get started, all you’ve got to do is select the networks that you want to post to by clicking on the thumbnail image for each profile or page. Next you will use the text box to write your post. Be sure to mind the character count next to the Publish button to make sure your content stays within the limits for each network!

Next, you can attach an image to accompany your post text. We recommend including an image with every post. Posts with images have been shown to have up to 70% more engagement than text only posts. And, of course, an image is mandatory for Pinterest.

Now that you have created a great post with text that fits under the character limit for each network and included an appropriate image, now it is time to schedule your post! Clicking on the Schedule time link will bring up a calendar. From this calendar you will select the date you want it to go out on as well as the time it will be published, down to the minute. Select the date and then you can use the two sliders to set your hour and minute. The top slider will change the hour and the bottom slider will change the minute.

Once you are happy with your content, image, and schedule time, simply click Schedule and it’ll be queued up to post at your specified time! You can now see that post in your Scheduled list below the publishing tools. As soon as the scheduled time arrives, the post will be published and you will see it move from the Scheduled list to the Published list. Once it has been published, you will also be able to monitor the number of interactions on each post to help you update and tweak your content strategy.

Cyfe Social Media Publisher

Does it cost extra to use the Cyfe Publisher?

Nope! Instead of paying for another tool like Hootsuite, you’ve got it included in your Cyfe dashboard, whether you are a paid customer or you are simply using your free Cyfe data dashboard! There is no extra charge ever to use the Cyfe Publisher! Make your life easier by posting and scheduling posts directly from your dashboard!

What data can I pull from the posts that I schedule through the Cyfe Publisher?

Within your Cyfe Publisher, you will see the number of interactions that each published post has received. We also encourage you to use the network specific widgets in your dashboard to get an even clearer picture of how effective your content and strategy truly are. Since you can have your social media widgets in the same dashboard, right next to your Cyfe Publisher, it is easy to see which pieces of content went out when you had a spike in engagements or traffic, or even when you saw traffic drop off. Data is power and we are working to give you more data and more power over your social media marketing!

What’s not to love about a data dashboard that not only allows you to monitor your social media marketing metrics, but also lets you complete your social media marketing without ever having to leave? Take your entire social media campaign to your dashboard starting today! Don’t have a Cyfe dashboard yet? What are you waiting for? Get a forever free dashboard now! No credit card required, no missing tools, no trial period, just a free data dashboard that you can build any way that you’d like! Don’t forget to add the all new Cyfe Publisher to it!

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