How Cyfe Dashboards Save Curry Printing’s Marketing Manager 9 Hours Per Month

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For over 40 years, Curry Printing has served as the premier print provider for companies across the Baltimore metro area. They offer a true one-stop-shop. Focused on solving client challenges, Curry Printing provides design, production, and fulfillment of professionally printed products across all mediums. Speed, reliability, efficiency, and professionalism are at the heart of every service. 

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As technology advances, jobs that once took days can be done in 15 minutes. Curry Printing remains ready as new challenges arise. 


As the sole marketer at Curry Printing, Marketing Manager Melanie Moore wears many hats including: 

  • Handling paid advertising (Facebook and GoogleAds)
  • Managing organic social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Monitoring customer reviews 

Within weeks of joining Curry Printing, she was tasked with presenting her first marketing performance report. Hours into compiling that report, Melanie identified the need for a simpler way to collect and interpret data across the many marketing initiatives across the company.  


“I was trying to pull together all of our numbers and all of our data from every platform that we use. I wanted to do a 2019 comparison and was running into a ton of problems. It was really hard to just look at the data and find what I was looking for.”


From her perspective, while Google Ads provides a great service with all of the data she needs, the interface isn’t intuitive. 

Melanie also found it challenging to quantify the total reach of her social media engagement. She spent countless hours manually going through both Instagram and Facebook to calculate the total reach of their social efforts.  Instagram didn’t have a way to automatically compile her performance data in a way that was useful for her report. Additionally, Instagram’s reporting doesn’t provide a way to compare performance with Curry Printing’s other social channels. 

Melanie encountered another problem. She needed to have unlimited data storage. That way, she could draw conclusions from short and long-term patterns in the historical data. While some platforms may go back four or five months, she required a system that supported year-over-year data. This system also needed to break down data into visualizations she can share in reports.


“I am a very visual person and I like to be able to quickly look at a chart or graph so I wanted a platform that could compile all the data in a visual format and be able to store more than a year’s worth of data.”


Melanie started researching dashboard tools. She spent the time evaluating ten other platforms, before choosing Cyfe. It checked off all of the boxes.


“It was also reasonably priced and seemed easy to use.”


After signing up for a free trial, Melanie was able to launch dashboards illustrating the results of her different marketing initiatives — all in under an hour.


“Everything is very simple to set up on Cyfe, and the very visual layout makes it incredibly easy to compare results across time or platforms.”


Melanie’s Google Ads dashboard on Cyfe tracks:

  • Cost
  • Conversions 
  • Any other actions taken via ads
  • Specific ad keywords
  • Impressions
  • Clicks


“It overlays all of the data on a beautiful graph and displays each of the totals for those metrics in bold, so I can easily see what’s working across my ad campaigns. Google Ads has a similar feature, but it takes more tinkering to get it to display what I want, and generally isn’t quite as good of a summary.”


On her social media dashboard, she can see Curry Printing’s most engaging organic content and track total followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


“Cyfe allowed me to not only get all my data analytics in one place, but it made it easy to categorize results in different dashboards.”


With Cyfe, Curry Printing can go back to any historical data and compare their business results year over year.


“I don’t have to check all my apps, which is nice and it’s more intuitive than several platforms. I like how customizable it is and can separate what I need to see.”



Since using Cyfe dashboards, Melanie saves nine hours per month on reporting and reviewing her marketing metrics. Now she can focus more of her time on driving even bigger results. Now she can invest more time on social media content creation and art direction. 

Compared to the Google Ads built in-reporting, her ads dashboard on Cyfe is “simpler and more visual.” She can view all of her keywords across ad groups. Within a few minutes, she can see which are performing best and then optimize specific ads further.

Reporting now to Curry Printing’s owner Paula Fargo is also much easier. Melanie can quickly share Cyfe graphs to break down the data. In turn, her boss has far fewer questions.


“Because these charts are so visual, they’re very easy to screenshot and send to my boss. It’s super easy for me to show her that we’ve spent less money to get more clicks.”


Managing Reputation

Curry Printing has a 95% client retention rate so keeping up their reputation is vital. 

With the integrations of, Melanie also discovered her team can track their customer reviews. She’s centralized her Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other third-party reviews on a single dashboard via the widget. 


“Instead of having to go to each review site every week to check, Cyfe simplifies the process and saves me time.”


Melanie was losing time manually tracking ads, social engagement, and online reviews. She needed dashboard software that visualized her data and helped identify opportunities in her advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Cyfe was able to organize her data, centralize her efforts, and clarify her marketing performance. It didn’t hurt that the software was affordable.

Melanie and her team at Curry Printing can now quickly see the results of their marketing spend and that client interactions are in line with their expectations. This helps them continue to drive higher-performing marketing campaigns. With the addition of the reputation dashboard, Curry Printing can also continue to encourage customer loyalty. 

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