Crowdsourcing Goodwill with Cyfe

crowdsourcing goodwill with cyfe

We have seen some great examples of coronavirus content from remote work wikis, to helpful resource collection pages, and even some good news to keep spirits up – and we want to focus on supporting individuals and organizations who want to create content hubs to help their local communities. 

As individuals who want to help in this difficult time, it can be difficult to know what to do or find ways to get involved, especially while remaining isolated to flatten the curve. 

Whether it is finding the local restaurants that are open and offering takeout or no-contact delivery, helping people who have lost their main source of income find local jobs, or highlighting volunteer opportunities (many of which are deemed essential activities and will allow you to still leave your house) – information is critical. 

Here is a takeout dashboard one of our team members has created to share with their neighbors, and this only an example. We want to do more than scratch the surface, which is where you come in. You know your communities the best, so we are going to provide free Cyfe plans with extended capabilities to help you create the dashboards that will help people find the information they need. Let’s see how many can we make to support our communities!

crowdsourcing goodwill Cyfe dashboard example

Share your dashboard with us, and we will highlight it on our blog and social media channels to extend your reach and help get your information in front of the people who need it most.  

Let us know what your ideas are, and how we can help or if there is anything else you need. A few other ideas and data sources we have been working on:

  • Finding restaurants that are coming up with creative solutions (offering drive throughs or meal-kit delivery)
  • Finding businesses who have been hit especially hard to donate to or buy gift cards from (Here are two examples, local Seattle favorites that were hit especially hard and queer businesses across the globe)
  • Coronavirus side hustles – essential work that will help boost your income
  • Gofundme campaigns that support your local area 
  • Blood drives or other volunteer opportunities (here is a Seattle data source)
  • Free/discounted services for small businesses
  • Traffic cams to help identify the safest time to go to the grocery store
  • The best memes or tweets that are circling to help lighten spirits
To access an enhanced free account that allows multiple dashboards and 30 configured widgets – sign up for a free account, log-in, and click here You should see a success message and be ready to go! If there is anything else you need, please reach out to us at [email protected].
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