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Monitor and visualize your business on one easy to use, real-time dashboard. Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support – all of your data together.

Cyfe is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
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Discover how you can easily build and customize a dashboard, add widgets, and connect your data from all of your favorite applications with Cyfe.

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Pre-built Dashboard Templates

dashboard templates

Find the perfect online dashboard template, connect your data, and start monitoring your KPIs. Modify the template to meet your business needs.

dashboard templates

Easy to set up and manage

From zero to data in under 5 minutes, get started quickly with a free plan or one of our free 14-day trials.

Monitor Everything

Create dashboards to visualize data for your individual departments, the C-suite or all of your clients. Everything from analytics, to sales, social, and online reviews.

Pre-built Widgets

Pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce with over 100 integrations and 250+ metrics included out of the box.

Starter Dashboard

Get set up in minutes by configuring pre-populated widgets including Google Analytics, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads,, SERPs, Moz, Twitter, Mailchimp, and Instagram.

Automated Reports & Widget Alerts

Download or schedule automatic email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV formats. Monitor metrics even when you’re away from your dashboards with alerts via email or SMS.

Fully customizable and flexible to address your needs 

Adjust the colors and add your logo right out of the box. For full customization, upgrade to our white label plan.

Cyfe Push API graphic

Custom Data Sources

Securely display data from your company’s databases, or other providers using custom widgets or our Push API.

Flexibility and Control

Create branded reports by customizing everything from your domain name to dashboard backgrounds, and more.

Data Mashups

Slice and dice unrelated metrics from completely different apps to create brand new insights.

Historical Data

Archive data within Cyfe for reliable storage and reference.

Custom URLs

Share static dashboards or live links to stakeholders and clients to keep everyone on the same page.

Widget Goals

Benchmark metrics against your business objectives to stay on track and identify areas for improvement.

Embedded Analytics

Cyfe allows you the flexibility to share your data securely on your terms with even more white label options and with in-depth customization.

Pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce with over 100 integrations and 250+ metrics included out of the box.
Custom Data Dashboards

Blend your own collected data via simple spreadsheets, data sources from the expansive 1500+ app ecosystem of Zapier, or your own custom SQL databases.

Not everyone has access to a programmer or wants to spend the money on one, so we’ve partnered up with Zapier while also enhancing our own custom data import capabilities.

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Cyfe is a leader in Data Visualization on G2
Cyfe is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
Cyfe is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
Cyfe is a leader in Data Visualization on G2
Cyfe is a leader in Social Media Monitoring on G2
Software Advice Recommended for Predictive Analytics Software Mar-20

Cyfe Supports 15 Languages

At Cyfe, our dashboards visualize data in a way that anyone can understand. But sometimes our clients communicate in a different language. Did you know that the Cyfe dashboard can be translated into 15 unique languages?

We make it easy to customize the language of your dashboard for your co-workers or clients. Simply navigate to Settings > Change language and choose from the option in the drop down menu.

Feature Highlights

TV Mode

Featured in the HBO series Silicon Valley, Cyfe TV Mode allows you to project your KPIs or allow your clients to project theirs onto a TV using an Amazon Firestick. 

Whether you want to project your social feed, have a live countdown timer, or show progress towards critical goals, TV Mode (included in all paid plans) will help you visualize success by rotating one or more dashboards on your big screen monitor.

White label features for any brand:

For full customization capabilities and client management, try our white label plan

With separate client environments, permission management, and a seamless brand experience, the Cyfe white label plan will take your agency or enterprise to the next level.

Prove your value and dazzle stakeholders with real-time, branded reporting.


    • Manage client accounts - keep things clean and secure with separate environments for each department or client.
    • Provide live links - allowing your clients to access real time data, even if you’re on vacation.
    • Project KPIs with TV mode - keep key metrics top of mind with live dashboards, like those featured on Silicon Valley.
    • Customize, Customize, Customize - make Cyfe your own completely white labeling the product to provide a seamless brand experience.
    • Add CTAs and ads to promote your services - Your client dashboards can help you generate more revenue with visual ads and live links to drive more business.
    • Integrate new sources and combine data - Don’t feel limited to our standard integrations, using our API or Google Sheets you can pipe in any data you want and combine across sources with our data mashups.

    • Manipulate data - Cyfe is all about visualization. We are working to add some campaign management features, but currently it is all about visually representing your KPIs.
    • Post to every social media platform - while we do have some integrations, they are limited. For more robust social publishing and analytics, check out Traject Social.

Cyfe is now part of Traject

Traject is a suite of flexible, scalable, and intuitive digital marketing tools that will save you time and help you grow.

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