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Marketing Agency 101: Determining The Right Marketing KPIs

Jul 13, 2018

The amount of data that is available is astounding. And each and every second, that data grows at astronomical rates. For a marketing agency, this can either be seen as overwhelming or it can be seen as a welcome tool to unlocking the many mysteries of your clients' consumers. For the latter to occur, the agency needs to know what they want from the data - first, what they want to know and, second, what data they want in order to find the answer. This is where choosing the right key performance indicators, or KPIs, comes in. While any marketing professional knows that KPIs such as leads, acquisition cost, and sales revenue are a must, there are a handful of other key performance indicators that can take any marketing campaign to the next level. The following are the top marketing KPIs that every agency should be measuring in order to reach that next level.

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How to Monitor Your Sales KPIs & Motivate Your Sales Team

Jan 26, 2018

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company. If they aren’t consistently hitting their quotas (and hopefully surpassing them), then you’re probably losing money and, obviously, a business that is consistently losing money doesn’t stay in business very long. Needless to say, keeping a close eye on your sales KPIs (key performance indicators) and the performance of your sales team can mean the difference between a record year and closing the doors.

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5 Sales KPIs You Need to Start Monitoring TODAY!

Dec 14, 2017

Quick refresher: KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. So, sales KPIs are super important sales metrics that inform you about how you can improve your sales growth. Sales KPIs are entirely based on data, numbers that don’t lie. There’s no funky science here, just a purely analytical approach to doing and advancing business.

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