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New Facebook Ads Dashboard Widget








We are excited to announce new features in Cyfe, your all-in-one business dashboard solution now used by over 70,000 companies around the world.

Facebook Ads Widget

We know you've been waiting for this for a while now and it's finally here!

The Facebook Ads dashboard widget allows you to track your Facebook advertising data on your dashboards. We've added the following metrics:

  • Overview
  • Cost
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per Click
  • Actions
  • Action Rate
  • Action Types
  • Cost Per Action
  • Campaign Breakdown
  • Ad Set Breakdown
Other Enhancements

We've also been busy updating existing dashboard features as follows:

  • Mixpanel: Added Retention (Recurring) metric
What are you waiting for? Log in to Cyfe and check out these new features for yourself!

Happy Cyfing!