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New Eventbrite, Highrise, and Recurly Dashboard Widgets
























We are excited to announce new features in Cyfe, your all-in-one business dashboard solution now used by over 65,000 companies around the world.

Eventbrite Widget

The Eventbrite dashboard widget allows you to track your event ticket sales and order stats on your dashboards. We've added the following metrics:

  • Overview
  • Total Sales
  • Total Orders
  • Total Tickets Sold
  • Tickets Sold Target
  • Recent Orders
Highrise Widget

The Highrise dashboard widget allows you to monitor your business's CRM data. You can track the following metrics on your dashboards:

  • Case Overview
  • Cases Created
  • Cases Closed
  • Cases Open
  • Recent Cases Created
  • Recent Cases Closed
  • Recent Cases Open
  • Recent Cases Updated
  • Contacts
  • Recent Contacts Created
  • Recent Contacts Updated
  • Deal Overview
  • Deals Created
  • Deals Won
  • Deals Lost
  • Deals Won (%)
  • Deals Lost (%)
  • Deals Pending
  • Recent Deals Created
  • Recent Deals Won
  • Recent Deals Lost
  • Recent Deals Pending
  • Recent Deals Updated
  • Task Overview
  • Tasks Created
  • Tasks Completed
  • Tasks Remaining
  • Tasks Remaining By Status
  • Recent Tasks Created
  • Recent Tasks Completed
  • Recent Tasks Remaining
  • Recent Tasks Updated
Recurly Widget

The Recurly dashboard widget allows you to monitor your company's recurring or subscription billing data. You can track the following metrics on your dashboards:

  • Accounts
  • Account Growth
  • Recent Accounts
  • Subscribers
  • Subscriber Growth
  • Recent Subscribers
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Recent Transactions
Other Enhancements

We've also been busy updating existing dashboard features as follows:

  • All Widgets: Updated list chart type to automatically add ellipses to long items based on the width of the widget, Fixed x-axis label spacing issue for bar charts
  • AWS CloudWatch: Added Asia Pacific Sydney region
  • Basecamp: Added All Calendars option for Events metric
  • Google AdWords: Added Average Position metric
  • Google Analytics: Added Revenue by Medium and Unique Pageviews metrics, Updated widget to handle up to 2,000 custom segments
  • Google Doubleclick for Publishers: Added All Orders metric
  • Mixpanel: Fixed funnel issue where steps contained duplicate labels
  • Private URL: Added multiple_requests URL parameter which can be set to "0" to prevent Cyfe from fetching historical data from endpoints when using merge tags
  • White Label Version: Added Log In As Client feature to Cyfe mobile
  • Zendesk: Updated widget to handle larger accounts
What are you waiting for? Log in to Cyfe and check out these new features for yourself!

Happy Cyfing!