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7 New Dashboard Widgets, Custom Themes, Multi-Language Support, and More


We are excited to announce new features in Cyfe, your all-in-one business dashboard solution now used by over 200,000 customers around the world.

This update highlights 7 new widget additions, major social media widget improvements, multi-language support, and more -- including custom themes & CSS, plus other time-saving tips & tricks from Cyfe friends & partners!

ActiveCampaign Widget

The ActiveCampaign dashboard widget allows you to track your ActiveCampaign data on your dashboards. We've added the following metrics:

  • New Cyfe WidgetsOverview
  • Forwards
  • Bounces
  • Link Clicks
  • Opens
  • Unopens
  • Unsubscribes
  • Top Messages by Unique Opens
  • Top Messages by Unique Link Clicks
  • Top Messages by Subscriber Clicks
  • Top Messages by Unsubscribes
  • Top Messages by Forwards
  • Top Messages by Unique Forwards
  • Top Messages by Replies
  • Top Messages by Bounces
  • Top Messages by Social Shares
  • Top Messages by Total Contacts Sent Campaign
MyEmma Widget

The MyEmma dashboard widget allows you to monitor your MyEmma email campaigns. You can track the following metrics on your dashboards:

  • Overview
  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Forwards
  • Opt Outs
  • User Signups
  • Shares
  • Share Clicks
  • Top Mailings by Sent
  • Top Mailings by Delivered
  • Top Mailings by Opens
  • Top Mailings by Total Clicks
  • Top Mailings by Unique Clicks
  • Top Mailings by Forwards
  • Top Mailings by Opt Outs
  • Top Mailings by Bounces
  • Top Mailings by Signups
  • Top Mailings by Shares
  • Top Mailings by Share Clicks
Social Media Enhancements: Twitter, Linkedin Company, and Pinterest

You can now see your top performing social media posts at the individual post-level with top posts by engagement, replies, likes and more.  Use Cyfe to monitor and discover what your best performing content is in all of your networks from one centralized dashboard, and use that to improve your social media strategy going forward!  While Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest are here, Instagram is coming shortly.

Did you know that nearly every one of Cyfe's social media widgets can also be used to monitor competitor performance? Read one of our most popular blog posts about creating a competitor dashboard to learn more!

Multiple Language Support

Hola! Oi! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! Goddag! Hej! Haloo!

Cyfe is now multilingual! We have launched with 10 new languages available from this release (including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish), and we'll soon be rolling out many others to ultimately support 40 languages. Enjoy Cyfe dashboards in your preferred language and create fully white labeled client reports in their native language!

Other New Widgets: Twitter Ads, MYOB Essentials, MYOB Accountright, Tubular.io, and Paywhirl

You may have already noticed these widgets in Cyfe. You can now track:

  • Twitter Ads: Paid ad campaigns -- over 60 metrics allow you to analyze engagement, billing, media, conversions, videos, lifetime value (LTV), and more.
  • MYOB AccountRight and Essentials:¬†Bank statements, top customers and employees by balance, recent customer payments, settlements, invoices, orders, unpaid orders, bills, and more.
  • Paywhirl: Subscription performance, including customers, invoices, charges, new subscriptions, cancelled subscriptions, subscribers by plan, and tax & shipping information.
  • Tubular:¬†Sales pipeline & CRM performance, including custom-designed reports you set up in Tubular.
Custom Themes and CSS

Match your dashboards to best fit your company's brand.  Custom themes (available to Premium and White Label subscribers) and CSS (available to White Label subscribers) were released this summer -- read more about it here.

Time-Saving Tips and Tricks from Cyfe Friends & Partners

Zapier now has a brand new Chrome extension that lets you easily set up workflows to make building automations with Cyfe a breeze. Read how to set these up here.

Airtame is one of the preferred ways that Cyfe customers use Cyfe to visualize their dashboards on TVs.  Read more about their solution here, and be sure to use coupon code CYFE to save 100 USD or EUR off of your Airtame device purchase!

Speaking of TVs, this summer we made a surprise appearance! Read about our cameo on HBO's hit comedy show, Silicon Valley, here.

Other Cyfe Enhancements

We've also been busy updating existing dashboard features as follows:

  • Automated Email Reports: Improved performance dramatically
  • Facebook Pages Widget: Updated and released Facebook's latest metrics that measure top post performance
  • Basecamp, Eventbrite, Google AdWords, AdWords MCC, DoubleClick, and Trends Widgets: Improved performance
So far, we've made over 250 performance-related updates & commits to Cyfe this year (and counting!), to keep up with ever-evolving API changes and constantly improving the performance of your all-in-one online dashboards. What are you waiting for? Log in to Cyfe and check out these new features for yourself!

Happy Cyfing!