It’s time to democratize data

By Steffen Hedebrandt, Head of Marketing, Airtame I remember a video interview by Quentin Hardy, Deputy Tech Editor at the New York Times, with the entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz. In this interview, they discussed the future of software. Summing up, Quentin Hardy said: “We have never had more information, we have never been […]

7 New Dashboard Widgets, Custom Themes, Multi-Language Support, and More

We are excited to announce new features in Cyfe, your all-in-one business dashboard solution now used by over 200,000 customers around the world. This update highlights 7 new widget additions, major social media widget improvements, multi-language support, and more — including custom themes & CSS, plus other time-saving tips & tricks from Cyfe friends & partners! ActiveCampaign Widget The ActiveCampaign […]

New ActiveCampaign Widget and Other Updates

Cyfe, your all-in-one business dashboard solution, now has a prebuilt ActiveCampaign integration for your dashboards, along with a few more enhancements for your social media dashboards! New ActiveCampaign Widget The ActiveCampaign widget allows you to track your campaign data on your Cyfe dashboards. We’ve already debuted nearly 20 metrics from ActiveCampaign are available, including your: Overview Forwards Bounces Link Clicks […]

New Paywhirl and Tubular Dashboard Widgets

We are excited to announce two new widgets in Cyfe, your all-in-one online business dashboard solution now used by over 170,000 companies around the world. Paywhirl Widget The Paywhirl dashboard widget (available in the Sales & Finance section) allows you to track your subscription performance. You can track your: Customers Invoices Charges New Subscriptions Cancelled Subscriptions Subscribers […]

Get Branded Dashboards with Themes and CSS: New in Cyfe

We are excited to announce a new product-wide feature upgrade for Cyfe: custom themes beyond our pre-configured Light and Dark themes.  Are you in need of a business dashboard that is tailor made to match your organization’s image and brand?  Our new theming option is now available to all Premium subscriptions!  It is easy to […]

New Twitter Ads and MYOB Widgets

Over the past few months, you may have noticed some new widgets in Cyfe, your all-in-one business dashboard solution (with more enhancements coming in the coming weeks and months)! Twitter Ads The Twitter Ads widget allows you to track your Twitter advertising data on your Cyfe dashboards. You can track over 60 different campaign metrics […]

How to create a free dashboard as featured on HBO’s Silicon Valley

Business Dashboards – What and Why?  We’ve recently talked about the idea if having a business dashboard that measures an organization’s most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) displayed on a TV is necessary or a luxury (spoiler alert, it’s quite important, and that’s what Cyfe helps deliver!).  In the past we’ve also written several quick walkthroughs […]

Business dashboards for your TV. Are they worth it?

What is a business dashboard and why use one on a TV? Today we delve into a real-life customer example of a Cyfe online business dashboard being used for projecting business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a big screen.  Excerpts below are from Jonny Pathan, Creative Director at WATB Creative, describing how he uses a business dashboard […]